East Meets West

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Like many a starlet, model/actress Aysun Kayaci is not so happy about her image as a ditzy bombshell. So at a recent press conference for a new ad campaign she's featured in, when she was asked about some nude photos she posed for a couple years back I thought 'we were all young and stupid once-cut the girl some slack'.

Until I saw the ad.

A 20-something guy takes a sip of PepsiMax, and suddenly finds Aysun's face planted on his. He can't believe it, so he takes another sip and there she is again. His friend looks at him and tries his luck with the same results.

What a way to reposition your career! Revealing photos taken once upon a time when you needed to pay the bills are one thing. People may hear about them, but to see them you actually have to go out and search for them. On the other hand, snogging everything in sight on national television where every Emre, Ayse and little Ahmet can see is something entirely different.

The ad is not even clever - the message is 'drink Pepsi Max, get snogged'. (The Turkish version of American beer ads?!). And to think she only made 250,000 YTL ($185,000) for the ads...